About Us

We are a unique pair of Daughter- law and Mother-law who have found same interest.... FABRIC and FASHION.

India has a very rich heritage of fabrics and weaves in cotton and silk. These fabrics are very comfortable. Our effort is to carry this heritage forward though our venture "JATRA..Carnival of colours"

We like to promote ancient arts like Bandhani,Batik,hand block printing ,Katha ,Kuchhi ,Fulkari  hand embroidery and many more art forms from our very own India.

Explore our collection of Irkali,Dabu,Indigo,Ajrakh,Ikkat,Kalamkari,Maheshwari,Bandhani,batik from places like Belgaon,Maheshwar,Rajasthan,Bhuj,Ichalkaranji,Hyderabad.

Our USP is premium quality products at a fair price and we strive hard to deliver it consistently.


About us

Priti Gurjar

She is my mother-law.She belongs to Ichalkaranji  which is known as 'Manchester of India'. She started to sell Ichalkaranji cotton sarees on a very small scale among her friends and relatives. She gave priority to family responsibilities and did not expand her horizon in this field.

Soon after my marriage, I realised the goodness of cotton fabric, thanks to her and decided to invest in the venture which is now known as Comfortable Cotton. My mother- law taught me many things like sales, marketing, selecting good quality material in her own special way. Had she been given a fair chance career wise in her youth,I am sure she would have gone places.

Her identity is just not this but it is only one small facet. She is the eldest sister in the family and a firm emotional support to all. Her culinary skills are a perfect joinery material to all friends and family. So if you happen to come at our place for shopping you are up for a tasty treat.

She is also an active member of senior citizens group and is a very popular 'Bharud' (Devnagari font) performer in our locality. She also performs Vasudev (devanagari font)songs and has learnt to sing 'Povada' (Devnagari font)

Ar.Sayali Gurjar

I am an Architect by profession. I have done practice for 10 odd years while taking breaks mostly due to family responsibilities. These career breaks proved fruitful in exploring different facets of me. Being born and brought up in a family which has lineage of fashion and tailoring through my mother and grandmother, I never realised that I also carry the same passion. I started exploring once again and found the rich culture of fabrics,hand block printing,weaves of India.

Soon went to Mumbai and Bagru,Rajasthan to get hands on experience of hand block printing with vegetable dyes.Trust me! It is way difficult to get the right result. These fabrics made me realise how much comfortable these are in contrast to any other machine print fabric. Soon my journey began to experiment in fashion using these fabrics at affordable price.

Apart from all this I like to try out different dishes from various cuisines. I like to sketch structures and I like to try out different art forms.